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ByBentang Resources

Waterproofing System

We have many years of experienced in waterproofing system installation and repairs in Malaysia.

Bentang Resources specialized in waterproofing systems, leakages or leaking repair and concrete and crack repair.We offer the one stop solution to all your unwanted water or damp, concrete and cracks problem. We have a team of specialize staff to cater the waterproofing, and repair water leakages and seepage problem in a building.

With our own staff as our waterproofing contractor or waterproofing specialist that have been in the field of waterproofing problem face by many individuals. As concrete defects and crack that are main source of leaking in the building, repairs that have years experienced in waterproofing system installation and repairs in Malaysia, our waterproofing specialist company in Malaysia has involved in hundreds of waterproofing projects throughout Malaysia and has continued to perform high professional waterproofing system design, installation and solutions in Malaysia.

Waterproofing material range from waterproof liquid to paint and cement types. The coatings form a waterproof membrane ensuring the concrete is waterproof that range from rigid waterproofing membrane to a flexible waterproof membrane system.

The necessary of waterproofing is to incorporate steps to ensure the building is watertight. Areas of waterproofing to ensure a building is waterproof and watertight incorporates roof waterproofing, basement waterproofing, bathroom or toilet waterproofing. These ensure that all concrete or structure that comes in contact with water is waterproof. Waterproofing to concrete itself can be attained by using integral waterproofing method.