Leakages Repair using PU Injection

Leakages repair using PU Injection is the process by which a resin or grout epoxy or polyurethane. It is injected into a crack or void under high or low pressure to repair leakages. Polyurethane is flexible and is used to stop water leaks. Epoxy is a glue used to bond sections of a wall back together as a structural repair. To leakages repair using PU injection is one of the most effective way to repair leaking where working access is not possible.

In order to accomplish this operation, the area is first exposed and the crack site cleaned up so we can see the crack.

Many home owners use patching compounds such as hydraulic cement to stop leaks, with limited or temporary success. The moment the wall flexes, the rigid patch cracks and leaks again. Another poor repair method is injection using surface mount ports and a hand operated dispenser to “fill” the crack with epoxy or polyurethane. We fix many of these so called repaired cracks because there is no way to know if the crack has been filled. Tight cracks cannot be properly repaired with this method and we do not use it.

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